Why InSimEd?


Industry Simulation Education - or InSimEd for short - competitions are one of the only multi-disciplinary opportunities in modern education.


Rather than deliver discipline-specific activities, as today's curriculum requires, InSim provide real-world scenarios for students that require them to deploy multi-disciplinary skills to draw conclusions and deliver results.


Educators who are looking for any of the following educational tools should contact InSimEd to learn more about our events:

  • Complex scenarios to challenge and push all students

  • Educational experience wrapped in the guise of industry activity, to give students a taste of what awaits in the 'real-world'

  • A competitive environment for students that teaches large-group communication skills, and industry-leading decision-making


InSimEd events are designed to engage, excite, and challenge students from all walks of live. As industry simulation competitions, our participants find themselves in a unique, high-tempo environment surrounded by industry experts and like-minded peers.

Over 90% of InSim participants go on to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or medicine at college. 

Why InSimEd?


Have you ever wondered what it's like working in industry? Working in large, high-achieving teams on complex problems?

Have you ever thought about how to apply all the different skills you learn in class, all at once?

InSim is the most challenging activity you will experience at school. You will collaborate with, and compete against, some of the smartest students on the planet.

You will be learning skills that many adults take decades to learn, all in one event!

Why InSimEd?