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Industry Simulation Education is proud to provide

 learning opportunities for high school students across the Americas.

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Design Competitions are industry-simulation events that provide students unparalleled experience in what it means to work in the real world.

The Brief: students form 'companies' - simulating industry - and are given a professional set of industry requirements, outlining a new space settlement to be designed. Companies must prepare a functional design that meets these requirements, and deliver a business brief back to a panel of industry expert judges.

Every year, thousands of students from across the globe participate in Design Competitions of various disciplines, to learn life skills in group dynamics and large-scale communication, and for the opportunity to progress to international finals in their chosen field.

InSimEd's premier Design Competition is The International Space Settlement Design Competition - also known as the ISSDC. A global aerospace engineering Design Competition that has been running since 1984, InSimEd provides all the regional qualifying events across the USA and Canada. Participation - and success - in the Western, Central, and East Coast Space Design Competitions provide the opportunity to travel to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida to compete in the ISSDC Finals!


Coming in the 22/23 School Year

Beginning in August 2022, InSimEd will be offering the North American round of the Galactic Challenge - a global space design competition for middle school students!

Gal Chal
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