Don't Waste Summer Break.

Design A Space Settlement

Earth and Space


The Space Challenge is a week long summer camp, with a focus on the space sector, aeronautics, and engineering design.

The activities over the week will teach students not just technical skills, but they will learn more about themselves then they ever thought possible. And - more importantly - they will build a network of like-minded peers across the country, and have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it will be held virtually, with students from around the country (and internationally) able to participate online.

Why Attend?

Consider these questions:

  • Are you in high school, and don't know where you want to study in college?

  • Are you passionate about space, and want to meet more like-minded people?

  • Do you want to challenge yourself and learn more about professional careers over your summer?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Summer Space Challenge is for you.

Some of the key benefits of participating include:

  • University Preparation – learn STEM soft skills, receive recognition that you can use for college applications

  • Industry Exposure - speak with industry professionals, understand what happens in the real world

  • Use cutting edge software – as part of the Challenge you will receive access to industry specific software packages that you would otherwise not get to use

The Schedule

The Summer Space Challenge will run for five days in early July 2021.

  • Monday + Tuesday: workshops with industry professionals, and lectures on the history and future of space settlement.

  • Wednesday: engineering design workshops, with a focus on the soft skills required to be successful at college and in your careers. 

  • Thursday: put your new knowledge and experience to the test! Participants will form teams and will compete against each other in a Space Design Competition.

  • Friday: time for the finishing touches to design presentations in the morning, with presentations in the afternoon, and then a winner announced! 

A more detailed schedule will be released in coming weeks.


To participate in, or learn more about, the Summer Space Challenge, please provide your details below


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